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What is Lightworkers?

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The Lightworkers are blessed by the Universe with Spiritual Powers. These powers come with Intuition, Emphatic abilities, Healing abilities, Aura reading by Eyes, Mind Reading, Telepathy, Psychics, Clairvoyants; and so on. These Lightworkers, however, are more conscious of their manifestation powers, and have the potential to create the life they want.

Lightworkers heals all needy people. They believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation.

Lightworker’s focused intent, thought, and spirit, can heal anything. There are no limits, except those placed upon healing abilities. They definitely can heal the earth with our spiritual approach. In fact, scientists have recently demonstrated that people can change water and air temperature and also cloud structures, purely through their thoughts. Researchers have known for years that prayer positively affects plants and animals. These studies reveal something that many Lightworkers have already known: our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma.

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