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Life and Career Coaching


The biggest challenge in today’s professional life is staying motivated to deliver flawless performance every single time. In the ever-changing corporate landscape, staying updated with all current trends is also crucial.

That’s the Singing Soulz.


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‘Life’ is a rather board term. In modern times, the line between professional and personal has blurred, and an increasing number of professionals are finding it challenging to align the two.

The Purpose of life coaching is addressing the issues addicting the client in balancing the two and in doing so, boost their confidence to achieve their true potential. In the simplest of terms, the job of life coach is to asses the stage where the client is an where they want to be, and bridge the gap.

Life or personal coaching is the foundation for other areas of coaching because people don’t separate career and business issues from the rest.

  • Belief in self :
    The number of people who are being bogged down by self-doubt is alarming. A life coach’s first objective is to rid the client of any lingering doubt they might have on their own capabilities.
  • Clarity of Purpose :
    Dynamism is the keyword of modern life. While it can be wonderfully refreshing more often its confusing. There are two many roads, and a life coach will assist you in picking the right one.
  • Relationship Building :
    The trials and tribunals of building and maintaining lasting relationships, both personally and professionally, well-documented in recent times. Life coaching is instrumental in removing the mental roadblocks and let you build fulfilling relationships.
  • Being a leader :
    Leadership is inarguably the most sought after trait in a professional these days. Be the leader that you were supposed to be with the guidance and input form a professional coach.
  • Cost :
    Its genuinely challenging to put a monetary value on what life coaching can help one achieve. The possibilities are endless but the cost is not. Depending on how many sessions one needs and what their expectations are in terms of results.


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Running an organization in the face of ever frowning competition and limited resources is a challenge that most face. More often than not, all that it needs is a little shaking up of the nest and setting everyone in the path of pursuing a definitive goal collectively.

However, that’s much easier said than done. The challenges are monumental least of which is working with a diverse workforce who may not always see eye to eye. Simply put, business coaching aims at giving direction to organized Chaos.

Steps Along The Way – Every institution is unique in more ways than one.

  • Client specific approach
    When you call us for a business session, we will get to the bottom of your very specific requirements.
  • In-depth analysis
    Are your employees under performing? Is there a gap between what you envisioned for your company & what you have achieved? Or is it something entirely different, unique to your organization?
  • Goal setting
    The primary purpose of business coaching is helping your company reach greater heights while being pragmatic at the same time.
  • Coaching
    We will then send one or more of our internationally certified coachers who have a proven track record of delivering excellence. They will work closely with your employees in aligning them with the pre-set goals.
  • Cost
    We prefer calling in an investment in the future of your company. Like all business investments, it depends on a lot of variables- the size of your organization, the number of sessions required & the goals you have set out to achieve to name a few.


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At the heart of any business setup are the employees that run it. Since you have hired then in the first place, you know that they have the potential to scale insurmountable heights. The challenge arises due to various factors that are not always under control.

Performance coaching addresses this pressing issues of non-performance. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with your squad; sometimes they only need a gentle push . Apart from profoundly improving their overall output, performance coaching also addresses issues such as employee burnout, managing stress and absenteeism.

Path to sucess

  • Understanding the emotional and psychological roadblocks.
  • Providing tools for overcoming them
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Developing relevant skills for accomplishing those goals
  • Getting rid of deleterious thought patterns
  • Inspiring individuals and teams to move together in one directions

Which way to go ?

As an organization you need all your employees to fire with all guns blazing. From the senior executives to mid-level employees might need that extra fuel to do that. We have designed our performance coaching modules in line with that.

Executive Coaching
One-on-one development modules aimed to enhancing the performance of executive level members and shape them into better leaders.

Skills Coaching
Identifying the performance issues that employees are facing and addressing those for a collective improvement in performance.


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A recent study shows that an average person working in the private sector changes ten jobs over their career on an average. Sometimes it’s not just the job that they change but their entire career direction. That’s much more prominent in the younger professional who do not have a clear insight into their own skills and the expanse of the market.

Career coaching helps individuals in shaping their path towards a lucrative and fulfilling career. It works with both students who will be in the job market soon and working professionals who find their roles not aligned with their objectives.

Objective :

  • Defining career objective
  • Exploring career options in line with those objectives
  • Shifting into a new roles
  • Polishing skills to remain marketable
  • Managing career risks and opportunities
  • Altering career directions

Cost :

  • Discovering a job that fulfills you financially and emotionally is priceless!

Here’s how it works

Coaching involves pushing through the boundaries of potential to ensure that you are the creator of your own positive experiences. Similar to an athlete needing practice, the coaching process is something that takes practice and happens over time.

As a coach we work with clients to identify honor and transform their points of resistance, closing in on that interference that prevents them performing to their full potential. We also encourage clients to stretch and grow, leapfrogging beyond what they ever considered possible, letting any interference melt away to achieve much more than they may have considered possible.

In order to powerfully experience all that coaching has to offer a minimum of a three session commitment is required. Each session is designed uniquely around your individually needs and goals.

<-- SESSION 1 -->


Shaping the agenda for change

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.


  • Clarity of vision
  • Confidence in your Purpose
  • Measurable forward movement
  • Direction for your life
  • Alignment of core values & your life
  • A better family life
  • No fear
  • Gaining Clarity about direction or a decision
  • Reducing worry & stress or getting moving with a project or goal.

Starts @ Rs. 5,000.00

<-- SESSION 2 -->


Goal Setting

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.


  • Understanding your current challenges, define your goals, and cultivate a sense of what a quality of life looks like for you.
  • Each client comes to us with individual circumstances, limitations & desires.
  • We’ll spend an hour or two with you during this professional, relaxed session, which we call Discovery Time.

Starts @ Rs. 5,000.00

<-- SESSION 3 -->


Forwarding awareness into action

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.


  • Transforming where your are now into Living Your Dreams. Adopting new habits and behaviors.
  • Reconnect with a sense of passion and purpose get back on track to the rich and rewarding life one deserves.

Starts @ Rs. 10,000.00

<-- SESSION 4 -->


Shaping the agenda for change

  • May combine sessions for longer session if desired.
  • Free call/email support for the duration of the Coaching sessions.
  • Weekly phone discussion ( approx. 30 mins)
  • Monthly 1 Visit

Rs. 15,000.00

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