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Child/Adult Counselling

What is Adult counselling?

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The adult counselling is the process of counseling the any person about human relationship to recognize, reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship. The relationship involved may be between couple or family members, employees or employers in a workplace, or between a professional and a client. Most of the relationships come under certain strain at some point of time which will result in malfunction or failure to optimal functioning of regular patterns. These patterns may be called negative interaction patterns. The reasons for these patterns may be anger, greed, improper communication, arrogance, ego, jealousy, insecure attachments, ill health etc.

"Woman 1: Hello where is your son. I need some help with my phone.

Woman 2: Hi, he has gone to see his counsellor.

Woman 1: What is he seeing a counsellor for? Is he mentally ill?"

The above conversation may be hypothetical but it conveys a deep message about the general perception of counselling by people around the globe and especially in India. In the following passages we will go through what counselling is, what it is not and who needs it.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process by which a Counsellor helps the client find a solution to the problem which made the client seek counselling. This is done by the counsellor by actively and effectively listening to the client’s problem and helping the client find the solution by asking the right questions to get to the root of the problem whilst holding and practicing unconditional positive regard for the client and by being absolutely non-judgemental toward him. This is facilitated by the counsellor by creating an environment of openness and trust which is built over a number of sessions.

Who needs Counselling?

To be honest, everyone needs counselling at some or the other stage of their Life. Usually it is the time when one feels demotivated, depressed, stressed or that their Life is going nowhere. Counselling can help anyone from a child to an old age person.

How it works?

All of us have family and friends who genuinely care about us and are ready to help us out. When we are speaking with them, there are a lot of factors that come into the picture which includes their familiarity with us and other that we may wish to speak about. Due to this, the opinion given by them may be biased and they may become judgemental when we speak of something we are not particularly proud of. A counsellor on the other hand is supposed to be completely unbiased and non-judgemental and by maintaining a positive relation, the counsellor is able to help us perceive things and situations better. Sometimes they are like a mirror that will show you what you are unable to see yourself.

What is the period of Counselling?

Effective Counselling can take anywhere between a couple of sessions to several sittings usually of an hour per sitting. The counselling relationship should go on until the time where the client thinks he does not need it anymore and has overcome the problem which initiated the need for counselling. Depends on per case basis, there is no defined rule or baseline.

Why you should take Counselling?

In today's fast paced life, most of us barely take time out to assess our current situation and check if we are really enjoying life or notice if things are golding us back without our knowledge. Taking an hour out of your life and seeing a counsellor will help you get better clarity about things and will definitely help you grow as a person. Although, we can do all of this all by ourselves, counselling practitioners are seeing clients day in day out and they know the right questions to be asked to probe the client in the direction of the solution. Counselling is a genuinely helping profession and a counsellor can help you out figure out what is wrong and the root cause of problems. Each one of us, at some or the other point, should see a counsellor and strive to better understand the reason for why things are the way they are in our life.

What is child-parent counseling?

Parent-Child Counseling

The parent-child relationship consists of a combination of behaviors, feelings, and expectations that are unique to a particular parent and a particular child. The relationship involves the full extent of a child’s development The parent-child relationship is one of the most complex and emotionally intense relationships of our lives in. The relationship between parent and the child becomes the stepping stone and the guiding factor for the child in shaping all his future relationships, strengthening or damaging child’s ability to focus, ability or inability to face life.The way a parent or provider responds a child may lead to one of the four types of attachment categories. The way a child is attached to her parents also affects how she/He will behave around others when her/his parent is not around.These attachments are viz Secure relationship,Avoidant relationship ,Ambivalent relationships , Disorganized relationships etc.

Benefits of counselling

  • Relief from ongoing feelings of distress (sadness, anger, worry, frustration)
  • Problem behaviours may be reduced or eliminated
  • For teens, making sense of the reasons underlying poor choices can help him/her learn new ways to cope with stressful situations
  • Learning to identify and express feelings in healthy ways, which are often at the root of challenging behaviours
  • Discovering existing strengths from which improved self-esteem can build upon
  • Improved school performance and peer relationships
  • Reduction of stressful interactions with parents and siblings
  • Opportunity for strengthening of the parent-child relationship
  • Reduced stress in family communication and interactions
  • Parent-Child Healing helps to release the negative emotional charge to strengthen and nurture the bond between both the child and parent. It helps the child to build and develop a new positive perspective towards relationship.
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