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Nayanaa Vaiitty - Reiki Master & Practioner

Nayanaa Vaiitty is a Reiki Master and Theta practitioner. In the quest of answers to her personal issues, she landed up doing a number of spiritual courses, reading lots of books and contacting therapists. Before she started any kind of healing, she had relationship problems as well as many other problems due to which personal and professional life was not a easy to live. Initially she started with reiki healings. When she started getting experience with Reiki, many others healing modules she learned. She feels there are many people in the world who are not aware about their thinking as well emotional pattern and just suffering without knowing how to get out of it. She wishes that her healing skills and sincere efforts helped such people.

Khyati Bhatt - Fitness Instructor

Khyati Bhatt is Fitness Instructor, Yoga teacher, certified Reiki practitioner, child and adolescents counselor. Let's not "Work-out" and start "work in" for spiritual, mental and physical awareness and well being.

Vinay Bajaj - Life Counselor & Coach

I am Vinay Bajaj, Team Lead Software Development, Life Counselor & Coach, Reiki Level 2 certified practitioner, Law of Attraction practitioner, Gratitude practitioner, Blogger, Yoga enthusiast, Philosopher. Working for money will never give you happiness, working for a purpose will. Continuous improvement is the way of my life. I wish to see everyone finding and living their true purpose. Making this world a better place to live a little bit each day

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