About Us

Nayanaa Vaiitty is a Reiki Master and Theta practitioner. In the quest of answers to her personal issues, she landed up doing a number of spiritual courses, reading lots of books and contacting therapists. Before she started any kind of healing, she had relationship problems as well as many other problems due to which personal and professional life was not a easy to live. Initially she started with reiki healings. When she started getting experience with Reiki, many others healing modules she learned. She feels there are many people in the world who are not aware about their thinking as well emotional pattern and just suffering without knowing how to get out of it. She wishes that her healing skills and sincere efforts helped such people.

Sonali Kalgaonkar is a Yoga proponent with 6+ years of experience in conducting yoga workshops for adults and young adults (8 years to 16 years), Yoga Relaxation Retreats. She believes in holistic wellness and strives to make it part of her own lifestyle as well as all the participants. She has trained in teaching yoga with Yoga Vidya Dham , Nashik .She endeavours to share her knowledge through different yoga and other healing techniques to bring about transformation of mind and body to be better prepared ,to relax and take decisions from a relaxed mind set.She has worked in the corporate sector for over 16 years and understands the importance of de-stressing and relaxation for holistic wellness and health in day to day life. Her expertise includes the following: Laughter Yoga| Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga | De-Stress and Relaxation workshops | Healing and Meditation Workshops| Reiki

She loves helping people have better relationships with themselves and others, to the work they want to be doing in the world, and to their own inner guidance. She committed to helping people use love, compassion, and cooperation to transform not only themselves but also the world. She believes that service to humanity is service to source, and she honored my life in service. She got into this work on the path of following my heart in all things. She have passion for helping others heal holistically began as a reiki healer , Meditator and Counselor. My mission is to spread the effective and mysterious experience of Shiva “Supreme Soul” Meditation and its benefits in the entire world.