What is Theta Healing Therapy

Theta healing is a healing process that can be used to heal you completely with focused intention .Theta waves are measured as 4-7 herz. Our mind can in different states depending on thoughts running in it. States can be of alpha , beta, theta or delta etc. Theta healing session can bring your health in balance.This is most powerful technique of healing because it works on all levels of existence i.e core, History, Genetic, and Soul etc. Scientifically, DNA which is a basic component of our life that means our physical, mental and emotional make up is coded in DNA. This healing technique also recovers a damage DNA and manifest new things whichever is desired during process. It can be used for meditation ,memory enhancement, receptibility and floating sensation.

Theta Healing in Kharghar Navi Mumbai

Theta healing session for individual

Theta healing session in which practitioner and patient both have to involve in the process of co-creating new reality which is either desired by patient or considered as highest good from universe. Theta healing session can help you to understand and heal deepest beliefs that are shaping your current life.

Theta healing workshops and training

Course overview:

In this course, Students will learn

  1. Basics of Theta healing & About THink Founder
  2. Various Beliefs and how to test belief
  3. Relation of belief and subconscious mind
  4. Basic Theta Meditation
  5. Practice session